Isn’t it time you owned your own set of clubs?

We’ll repeat the question. Isn’t it time you owned your own set of clubs?

“What?” you ask incredulously. “I’m a serious golfer. Of course, I own my own set of clubs.”

You absolutely sure?

Were they built specially for your game? For the way you and only you swing? For the way you strike a golf ball?

Or did you do what most golfers still do – even serious ones – and walk into a shop and buy a set straight off a production line?

Don’t be fooled if you’re given half a dozen different clubs to try out and compare. You’re still not buying something built specially for you. Everything you’re trying has been mass produced because that’s how clubs are made these days, with no appreciation of what’s unique about your game. Even though you know – as a serious player – that no two golfers are the same.

Which is why we do what we do. Combine the passion and expertise that others don’t have time for to build you a set of clubs that truly are your own. No compromises.

How it all started

Like you we love the game. (Love verging on obsession.) Which means we not only spend a lot of time playing it but thinking about it too. That’s how we came to understand the single most important way to improve anyone’s game was not to weigh players down with ever more complicated and confusing technical advice (gobbledy-gook) but to make sure they had the right clubs, or should we say their own clubs.

We saw that when clubs were set up right, they accelerated the natural learning process (often without the player even realising it). And when clubs were set up wrong, the opposite happened. A player’s game started compensating for the inadequacies of his clubs.

So while great big factories in China keep churning out identikit sets of clubs, we’ve set up a place where we’ll make you a set of clubs you can truly call your own.

In it we’ve installed the world’s most advanced technology and we couple it with unsurpassed “human” expertise. What we learn becomes the blueprint for a set of clubs built by craftsmen to the most exacting standards, to consistently bring out the best in your game.

What you can do next

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